We love bitcoin and we want to help building and strengthening the community.

And since we are located in Finland offering cheap and stable electricity, cold climate and mostly renewable energy.  The choice of how to participate for us was simple.
And who doesn’t love passive income.

Try simpl mining

Putting us in the best position to help you get started with ease. And… We’re a pretty awesome bunch of people!

Monthly plan
Open ended

This is what you get!

Your own bitcoinminer!?
Hashrate 13,500.00GH/s?
Free setup! 99€ ?
Free maintanance 139€?
Free storage 49€?
Free internet 29€?
No customs fee 249€?
6-month warranty 249€?
Exclusive FB group 99€?
Free t-shirt 29€?
Total value - 2437.95€

You only pay for the miner and electricity!

Bitcoin miner- 999€ 1499€
Electricity – 4,29€/ day
Paid monthly

Pay with card
Pay with bitcoin
Cancel anytime!?

I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions

Test Period
ONLY 49,95€!

How does it work?

Hashrate 13,500.00GH/s?
Experience real mining?
7 days of full throttle!?

The real bitcoin mining experience!

7 days of full throttle bitcoinmining – 49,95€

Onetime payment

Pay with card
PAY with bitcoin

I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions

Special request?
We can help!
Don't hesitate to contact us! what ever you may want, we will help you out!

30-day money back guarantee!

Experts hire experts, this have always been my motto, you will find this will save you a lot of time, stress and money.

I wish i started earlier, but before finnish cryptomining came along the technical side of mining was the thing holding me back.

Everything was exactly like they said, they don’t make claims that are out of this world. They tell you exactly how it is.